To request the document(s) for visa application

After the registration, only the registrant who is a member of IAC or who has registered abstract(s) can request following documents; guarantee letter, reason of invitation, employment verification letter and schedule of stay.
Registrant who is not a member of IAC and who has not registered abstract(s) can request invitation letter.
Please note we issue this/these document(s) only to those who have already completed registration with required payment and who is qualified as shown above. We urge you to complete your registration and request the document(s) by March 31, 2016, so that you would have ample time for applying for a visa.
Please note in advance, in some supposed cases, it takes long time to judge your identification.
If the identification was invalid, we do not issue the document(s) and we do not refund. Please apply for the document(s) at the following url.
After your application, secretariat office will reply by email in some days.

Visa assistance deadline: April 15, 2016

c/o Congress Corporation